Credit Card Processing

CASHLESS provides comprehensive credit card processing methodologies and accurate payments. Our core data processor, Worldpay, assists with the proper routing of cardholder data to the various banking, debit, and credit card networks — nationwide. Standard network configurations include Cirrus®, Plus®, VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®. Regional networks include Star, NYCE, AFFN, Pulse, Shazam, TYME, Quest, ACCEL, The EXCHANGE, CU24, Interlink, Maestro, and Transfund. Each year, we process and authorize millions of ATM, POS Debit, EBT, and credit card transactions nationwide.

Our bundled processing services include network sponsorship; bank settlement; charge-back notification; regulation-E claim resolution; detailed monthly reporting; and the proper distribution of electronic currency payments.