Security and Compliance

As your equipment and cash access provider, CASHLESS has the responsibility to develop and deploy software applications that are PCI compliant. CASHLESS software applications are subject to an independent third-party audit that generates a certification report, which is then certified by PCI Security Council. CASHLESS routinely performs audit and certification compliance reviews to ensure our software applications and cash access hardware conforms to the industry best practices standards when handling, managing and storing payment related information. Our certification practices and compliance standards protect our clients and the patrons that we serve.

CASHLESS provides your Event with PCI compliant server architecture, up-to-date hardware & software configurations, and certified cash access control procedures.  CASHLESS compliance standards meet and exceed the requirements defined by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). These requirements also apply to all system components within our entire payment application environment, where cardholder data is stored, processed or transmitted through our wireless communication network. 

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